Let’s cut right to the chase… Flossing sucks. Always has, always will. Even the little pick flossing sticks you get these days are awful to use. Thankfully, Philips has come up with a gadget to help make even the arduous task of flossing simple.

According to Philips, nearly 60 per cent of Australians don’t floss daily. If you were to listen to my dentist, you’d know just how awful that statistic is. Turns out that most of us are headed for a life where our teeth fall out as peridontal disease takes hold of our gums, loosening the fibres that hold our teeth in place.

Apparently the space between your teeth accounts for 20 per cent of your teeth’s surface area. If you don’t floss, that space gets festy.

The Airfloss from Philips looks to take the hard work and difficulty out of the whole flossing regime. It sprays a tiny jet of water and air at about 70kph between your teeth, cleaning out all the crap that accumulates and helping prevent decay. The process of cleaning between all your teeth takes less than a minute, significantly less time than actual flossing.

The Airfloss’ battery will last up to two weeks on a single charge. A small reservoir on board houses enough water to clean between your teeth a couple of times comfortably.

Naturally, the price of keeping your dentist from nagging you about flossing is fairly high – the Airfloss costs $170 RRP. Mind you, that’s going to be a lot cheaper than the thousands you’ll pay out to replace all your teeth when they start falling out because you couldn’t be bothered to clean them properly…

Price: $170
Web: Philips