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Mates Rates: Save $1000 on a NordicTrack T15.0 Treadmill at Rebel Sport

Want to keep the exercise regime happening, but don’t want to leave the house in the depths of winter? Rebel Sport has cut a cool grand off the price of its NordicTrack T15.0 Treadmill, from $2,999 to $1,999.

The treadmill looks the goods, with lots of shiny buttons that make the most of the 20 different workout presets, while the 3HP motor lets you run forever, with speeds up to 22kph. The treadmill works in with the iFit system as well, which should help you keep on top of your exercise while the sun goes on vacation for half the year.

$2K is still pretty pricey for a treadmill, but given it’s a saving of a grand, it’s well worth it if you’re serious about running on the spot.

Price: $1,999
Web: Rebel Sport

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