You may not recognise the Bongiovi brand, but if you say it out loud, you’ll get a pretty good idea where it comes from. 80s rocker Jon Bon Jovi has gone back to his roots (family, not hair) to help you lay your hands on his dad’s selection of family pasta sauces.

Unlikely to taste like bad medicine, the Bongiovi sauces are traditional recipes passed down through every generation of Bongiovi since the late 1800s. Hoping to become the new pasta sauce king of the mountain, and bringing a little bit of soul to your pasta dishes, the Bongiovi brand offers three different flavours of sauce, including Garden Style, Marinara and Arrabbiata.

Papa Bongiovi claims that by cooking in small batches with premium ingredients he has managed to keep the faith of a homemade pasta sauce in a jar. And while that may sound complicated, the fact is that eating a high quality jar pasta sauce isn’t like playing roulette – you always come back for more.

Having worked for the working man as a barber (famously being the man behind Jon’s iconic hair) and going the distance, it seems that now was the time for John Bongiovi senior to bring his family’s sauces to the world.

The best news is that pasta-loving Aussies can all go wild in the streets, as the brand is shipping the sauces internationally. It does cost to welcome them to wherever you are, but I guess that’s the price of love. Delivery of a three-pack option (worth $US24) costs $US63, which means you’re paying just under $30 a bottle to get the sauce in Australia. I’m sure Bon Jovi fans are living on a prayer that a local distributor picks up the brand to cut those costs, if that’s what it takes.

Price: $US8 a bottle
Web: Bongiovi Brand