Been looking for a base to begin your world domination plans? Or simply think the housing market in Sydney and Melbourne is becoming beyond crap? Why not move to Norway and live in this ex-NATO submarine base?

Luckily for you, it’s for sale for the bargain price of around $18 million. So what does that amount of cash get you in terms of Norwegian land and former naval bases? You get about 13,500 square metres of buildings, a massive 25,000 square meter mountain hideout that contains workshops, offices, fuel systems, warehouses, dry dock, emergency power systems and tunnel systems. You also get 2,500 square metre quay.

“NATO has said that there are no ties between Olavsvern and the military anymore. The base can thus be deleted from NATO’s records, and means it can now be sold on the open market,” said Skifte Eiendom’s regional manager Trond Eliassen to NRK and The Foreigner.

The facility can withstand nuclear attacks and has plenty of office and warehouse space for the supplies you will need to take over the world. A word of warning though, the electricity bill is a tad expensive and you don’t get submarines included.

Via: Geekologie
Thanks: @lukehopewell