I’ve reviewed more robot vacuums than I ever thought possible, especially given I’m supposed to be looking after motoring! I’ve tried everything from those sold by Aldi, LG and even Kogan products recently.

Ecovacs Robotics is a brand that gernally is regarded as the leader in this space. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trialling the new DEBOOT OZMO 950. A flashship offering, one we saw at IFA 2019 in Berlin. 

This machine tops my DEEBOT OZMO 900 I’ve had running around for a while. First up the major selling point is the fact it can cater to multi-level Australian homes. Now while it ain’t about to start climbing stairs, it can for the first-time store multi-floor maps via it’s red hot upgraded Smart Nav 3.0 Laser Mapping and Navigation technology. This system is the best I’ve seen at creating a blueprint of your house, setting up virtual boundries or even reading the surface type of the floor. 

While we’re yet to give it a run here at EFTM HQ to try it down in the mancave and up in the office, there are still many benefits to having the better smarts on board. For starters it has a noticeably longer battery life rated at 5200 m(A)h. In fact, it managed to map 91m² of my home in 105 mins with still some juice left. 

The thing that has always had me most concerned about robot vacuums is their actual effectiveness. I can tell you over close to a year now, they are all I use to get the otherwise tedious task completed, on both carpets and hard floors 90 per cent of the time. 

The new DEBOOT OZMO 950 is certainly more powerful, with even a new Max+ mode. It’s also quicker, darting around with more authority than any other Ecovacs device I’ve seen. But I’d hardly say it’s overly noisy either. A host of internal changes have made for a more efficient suction system and higher vacuum power. Up to 1500Pa on Max + mode.

Another area I’ve been wary off in this space is mopping claims. Well now via a 240ml tank and the ability to release even more water quickly via an Ultra High Mode, I’ve been pleased with the results. It will never beat a mop and bucket, but as a maintence device to clear fine dust and help stifle sticky build up on floors I found the 950 to be way more effective then ever before. 

Of course, the device is smart connected, via Amazon and Google Home. The Ecovacs Home App was recently given a new look, with largely new branding. But it’s the best robot vacuum app around. 

I think we have now reached a tipping point when it comes to pricing for the best of the best, when it comes to this space. At $999 the OZMO DEEBOT 950 would want to be good, especially when you can have a Dyson V11 hanging off the wall for about the same price. 

I can tell you it is, but there are some jobs it just can’t obviously do. So, for those who like to spend up big on sucking up dirt, it’s still a case of probably still needing the two for now.