Quickflix has slowly but surely been growing the number of devices you can use to access its movie and TV subscription service. Today, it’s added a dedicated iOS app to stream shows to your Apple device.

Free to download, the universal application offers unlimited streaming of the app’s movie and TV shows available through the WatchNow service if you’re a paid subscriber, or just access trailers and news if you’re not. Quickflix has added Pay-Per-View options to the service as well, allowing you to rent newer releases for a 48 hour window.

There are over 500 movies available to watch on the service now, although they mostly fall in the “old” or “crappy” categories. You need to subscribe through the website – there’s only the option to log in via the app. On the upside, a single account will let three different people access three different shows at the same time, either through the app or on one of the other Quickflix compatible devices out there.

Quickflix is also working on a version of the app for Samsung’s Galaxy line of products as well if you’re an Android user.

Price: $15 a month
Web: Quickflix