It’s every man’s dream. Some would even say it’s a requirement… Your own Man Cave. Sure, not everyone has their own private room big enough for a full size billards table and a bar – be it your corner of the garage or a small room in the house, turning that space into your own is what makes it a man cave.

Over the last three weeks on Triple M’s the Grill Team (with Gus, MG and Matty Johns) in Sydney, we’ve been discussing what it takes to build the ultimate man cave.

First up, you need a comfy place to plant your arse at the end of a long day. EFTM recommends a single seat, electric recliner. You know, the old man ones. Throw in a few spare chairs as room permits for when the mates want to join you to watch some Fox Sports.

Next – and possibly most importantly – you need a TV. If you’re only likely to get the lounge room hand-me-downs, take it. But if you’ve got the chance, throw a big screen TV up on the wall and sit back and enjoy.

Time to add refreshments to the mix, here, you’ll need either a standard bar-fridge or mini fridge – but consider the fun option of a cooler can. Shaped like a can with the brand of your choice on the side, this is a standout in the man cave when the boys come round.

When there’s nothing on TV you’ll need your own entertainment. Throw in a Playstation 3 with the addition of a Logitech G27 steering wheel and you’ll be in heaven. If room permits, upgrade to a fully functioning playseat for the ultimate driving experience. If you’re crackers (and loaded) order the Red Bull F1 version, at a cool $1,700 you’ll be the envy of the boys.

Sound becomes important after you spend a bit of time down in the man cave, so consider a surround sound system to compliment the TV. Up at the $1200 end, check out a 7.1 blu-ray system from Samsung. At the lower end you’ll find a simple 5.1 Samsung system for just $78 at JB Hi-Fi.

And finally, to really man it up, no matter how handy you are – you’re going to need tools. A wall mounted hanging rack of tools will impress and if there isn’t room for a workbench, check out the foldable options you’ll find at some hardware stores or online. It makes it easy to fit the tools, the bench and the car if you’re occupying the garage!

So, those are our top 6 picks for how to make your space into your very own man cave.

While we’re on the topic, this week we’ve taken a look at all the entries in our VB Vending Machine giveaway. The responses were excellent.

Without doubt, TV and beer were top ranked items to make your space qualify as a man cave. There were the obvious suggestions of posters of bands, sport and scantily clad women, but almost every entry came back to TV, sport and beer. Thanks everyone for your entries!

The winner of the very last VB Vending machine is… Matt Rees from Coloundra in QLD. Matt suggested a fully operational pool table, a VB vending machine to stock cold man beers, and the biggest TV in the house for his man cave. Plus, as he suggests, an Emergency Exit.

Matt, we hope you’ve got the pool table and TV mate, because the VB Vending machine is coming your way!