Just like Peter Pan, you never want to grow up. But rather than spending your life flying around with fairies, you’ve got yourself a job, bought a house and set up a man cave. Here’s what to put it in it.

Carrera Go Highway Patrol Slot Car Race Set

Can a man ever be too old to enjoy the simple pleasures of slot car racing? The answer is no, and there’ll be no arguing. While the idea may not have changed much since you were a kid, this slot car track offers the joys of a 360 degree loop, and a big red button on the top for Turbo mode. Just make sure your kids don’t play with it while you’re not looking.

Price: $99.95
Web: Lasoo

Audi A6L Official Licensed Remote Control Car

European luxury has never been so affordable. Although technically it may not actually be European… This 1:14 scale replica of the Audi A6L may be as close as you’ll ever come to owning an actual Audi A6, but that’s okay because it’s much more fun. With a comfortable contoured controller and front and rear lights, it’s the perfect toy for honing around your man cave with. Plus who cares if you crash it?

Price: $44.95
Web: Lasoo

Nerf Stampede value pack

The year is 2012. Mankind has descended into a grim, post-nuclear battle for survival against hordes of alien attackers. Their only weakness? Nerf darts. And only you have the courage to load up your Nerf Stampede and prepare to take them down… Right after you finish collecting the darts you were firing at your wife when she asked you to take out the trash, that is.

Price: $121
Web: Lasoo

iON iCade

In an ideal world, there would be a government mandate for every man cave in Australia to include at least one classic arcade video cabinet. That’s never going to happen, which is why we’ve decided to demand that man caves should include, at a minimum, the iON Arcade. This case turns your iPad into a classic arcade cabinet with apps to give you that classic arcade feeling. While it may lack coin slots, it makes up for it with versatility.

Price:: $149
Web: Lasoo

Lego Star Wars X-Wing starfighter

Red Group, this is Red Leader. It’s time to abort the run of the Death Star. Regroup at base – we’ve just received this awesome Lego Star Wars X-Wing kit that features adjustable wings, retractable landing gear and proton torpedoes. I’m going to need your help to assemble it. This mission takes priority above all else. Red Leader out.

Price: $107.96
Web: Lasoo