It’s bad at the best of times, but there are a few simple ways you could make Monday a bit more man friendly. Grab a Keepcup, a HEX Code Wallet and an iPad men’s magazine.

What’s this about expecting five things because usually lists are top fives? Well, it’s Monday morning for us too, so here are three items that every man really needs to grab to make his Monday go a lot more smoothly.


Do something good for the environment and get some caffeine into you as well. The keep cup is an environmentally friendly barista grade coffee cup. Barista grade because it comes in standard café coffee sizes and will fit with most coffee machines in-store. Every coffee you have in your Keepcup means one less paper cup thrown in the bin. It also means you can make a coffee or tea at home for the trip into work and then just wash it out quickly before heading to your office local. For those who care about style, you can customise your colours as well or grab AFL Keepcups if you’re a fan of the south-east style of footy.

From $10,

HEX Code Wallet for iPhone 4

If you haven’t got an iPhone then this one isn’t for you, but we’ll assume we are speaking to the majority unless Samsung keeps moving north sales wise. The HEX Code Wallet isn’t only stylish thanks to its black or tan leather, it’s convenient too. It’s both an iPhone 4 holder as well as a wallet. There are a few pockets on the left hand side which you can use to store credit cards, a drivers license, gym pass or whatever else really. You can also slide in a few notes if you like to pay by cash, or for that coffee you’re going to grab with your Keepcup. Best of all, it means you’re not looking for your phone and wallet on your way out of the house on a Monday morning, because they are now the same thing.

iPad magazines

They’ve been around for a while, so why are we drawing your attention to them now? Because pricing has just become a hell of a lot more competitive. Chances are you will be taking your iPad to work anyway, so why not load up a few good men’s magazines to entertain yourself on the trip there. Best thing is that they will cost less than a coffee. You can now grab GQ (USA), Esquire, Fast Company, Wired and more for just $1.99 on a rolling subscription which you can pull out of at any stage you want. Not bad for a seriously good read.

From $1.99,

With that lot on your way to work, Monday just got a whole lot easier.