It’s what all Australian hot hatch fans have been waiting for. Conformation of the Polo R. And also what none of them want, the Golf GTi convertible. But sadly, or happily, neither have been confirmed for Australia.

The Volkswagen Polo GTi has been in the rumour mill ever since the rally version surfaced featuring four-wheel drive. Now it’s official, but unfortunately that is about all we know. No performance figures or additional information has been released, and Volkswagen Australia won’t confirm or deny whether or not it will make it to our shores.

The SMH managed to dig up a small amount of information, guessing (via What Car?) that it would have the Golf GTi powerplant and quoting Volkswagen Australia spokesman Karl Gehling as saying. “[The Polo R] is confirmed for production and it’s a model that’s of interest to us. However we are yet to confirm if it will come to Australia.”

At least VW are thinking about it. On the other hand, we really hope they are not think about bringing in the Golf GTi convertible. It has similar performance figures to the Golf GTi but with a drop top that takes around 10 seconds to put up. The suspension has also been altered to give it a smoother ride around town. Kind of steps on the point in our humble opinions, but the three of us hardly constitutes the buying public.

Five stars to Volkswagen though for keeping on the front foot.

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Via: Drive