If you can’t wait to get your DeLorean EV hit next year, the company that made time travel look amazing in the 80s has launched an official DeLorean bike. But where do you stick the flux capacitor?

The most striking connection to the DeLorean branding is the stainless steel frame, using Italian-made Columbus XCR tubing to make up the bulk of the bike. According to DeLorean, this has some significantly positive influences on the quality of the ride:

Stainless steel for bicycle construction, while fairly new, has some fantastic benefits for cyclists. Bicycle ride quality is made up of a number of factors, some of the more important aspects being:

• Smoothness – Complete road isolation while still maintaining a connected feeling to the terrain.

• Stiffness – Allowing full power to go into the pedals, and not lost to flexing of the frame.

• Durability – Corrosion is absolutley minimised, a very high fatigue life, low impact resistance, and ease of repair.

• Weight – Not exactly tied to ride quality, but more affecting the overall ride feel and performance.

With front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, a Shimano Alfine 11-speed internal shifting system and 28-inch wheels coated in a special reflective coat for riding at night, there are plenty of high tech wonders on the first DeLorean bike to hit stores, the DeLorean Anyday. The company also promises a Speed and Cruise version in the near future.

Of course, being DeLorean branded, it’s not the kind of bike you’re going to find at your local KMart. At $US5,495, it’s not exactly cheap, especially given it doesn’t feature gull-wing doors or a flux capacitor. Still, if you like your bike to mix style with quality, this could be an option.

Price: $US5,495
Web: DeLorean bikes
Via: Uncrate