NIB has launched an online initiative hoping to see as many fans who were at the game ‘tagging’ themselves in a giant photo taken on the night down on the field.

FanCam is a technology which has been used around the world to capture major sporting events. It essentially takes a series of high definition photos from a single location – like those panorama photos you can take on modern smartphones, but on steroids.

The Origin 2 photo is claimed to be 10million pixels. The quality is excellent, but not perfect enough to see right up to the nose bleed seats. However if you were up there, there is a small chance you’d recognise yourself based on your clothing on the night perhaps?

The goal for the site is to have as many people ‘tag’ themselves in the photo and share on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a cool idea, possibly ruined a little by the NIB logos that appear whenever someone tags themselves thus making the stadium full of NIB logos not people!

If you went along to Origin – check it out, and tag yourself… especially if you like NIB.

Web: Daily Telegraph