Logitech has just revealed what EFTM believes could be the most amazing computer mouse ever.  The G600 MMO mouse is designed for people who play those deep online games like World of Warcraft and Diablo III.

Customisable right down to the colours with buttons on the thumb area that shine – this is one hell of a creation. Taking the quality of this device to the limit, the Logitech G600 features an 8,200 DPI laser sensor for precision tracking, and the primary buttons are rated to last 20 million clicks each.

Even the cable is braided art. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves though, this is a mouse, and to anyone who is not a gamer, well… it’s a mouse. But if you are a gamer, and you can appreciate all the buttons, all the customisation and all the hard work that went into this, like a car lover enjoys a Ferrari, then, well… welcome to heaven. The mouse to a gamer is as important as a tennis racquet to an ATP player or chopsticks to that Masterchef guy on the Qantas ads.

The G600 will be available in Australia in late July for $99.

Web: Logitech