Drop US$374,000 on an Apple and you would expect it to be a top of the line MacPro with some precious stones stuck on the side. Perhaps a yet-to-be-released version of the MacBook Air or something like that. But no, that’s far from the case…

US$374,000 has bought some lucky person a completely out-of-date Apple that doesn’t even come with a proper case. You can’t connect it to the internet and there is no way in hell you will be doing anything with it other than the most basic word processing and programming possible. That lucky person just bought an Apple I.

Ok, we’re kind of missing the point – the Apple I is a massive collectible and this one was sold by auction house Southby’s in New York to a telephone bidder for more than double what was expected. The Apple I is a product of 1976 when Jobs and Wozniak were still at the very beginning of their famous journey. It had a MOS 6502 @ 1 MHz and 4KB memory that was expandable to up to 48KB.

Via: SMH
Image: Wikimedia Commons