Take a look at your office desk. Is it clean? No? Congratulations – science has just announced that men’s office desks are breeding grounds for bacteria, significantly moreso than the ladies.

Scott Kelley from San Diego State University studied 90 different offices around New York, San Francisco and Tuscon, Arizona and discovered that when blokes were in the office, bacteria levels surged. He also found that your chair and phone are the most likely places for bacteria breeding grounds.

The reason for men created a more germ friendly workspace is simple – we’re generally slobs. The study claimed that male hygiene levels were significantly lower than females, but also argued that our larger frames could play a part in the increased colonisation.

But while you should make an effort to tidy up every once in a while, there’s no need to start dropping bleach bombs on your workspace. Bacteria in itself isn’t necessarily bad, although trying to make your own penicillin by leaving out your old sandwich is never a good idea.

Via: SMH
Image: Beadmobile Flickr