24 year old Sebastian Vettel is easy to dislike. He’s been the Red Bull team’s favourite ahead of Aussie Mark Webber and his arrogance some times can make you want to cheer for anyone but him. But a recent appearance on Letterman shows that Seb’s actually an okay guy!

This week, the day after his fourth place finish in the Canadian Grand Prix, he flew into the USA for a promo at the 2013 New Jersey F1 location, and popped in for a chat with late night TV legend David Letterman.

Letterman is a known racing nut, using his millions to get involved in US Motorsport as an Indycar team owner. The interview on CBS was deeply technical in parts, talking about KERS and DRS, but Seb really let himself go and did a great job to win the crowd’s favour.

While in the USA Sebastian joined Red Bull’s David Coulthard for a promo at the New Jersey F1 Circuit location – the pair driving Infinity cars and putting their mark well and truly on the soon to be circuit.