Austrian boy’s toys maker KTM will release a new version of the X-Bow (pronounced cross bow) which features two doors and a clip-on front windscreen in an attempt to make the car a little bit more practical.

When we say little, we mean, really, really, really tiny bit more practical. There’s still no roof, no real luggage space and no way in hell anyone with issues bending their knees will be able to get into the car. But at least it has two doors now to prevent completely idiotic car thieves from simply hopping into your X-Bow and extremely low flying pigs from crunching you in the face at speed.

The KTM X-Bow is the ultimate boy racer car and is also illegal on Australian roads sadly. This video accurately illustrates just what the car can do, and why the addition of doors and that windscreen type device is completely pointless. Watch the slide at 0:52…

Web: KTM