Australia’s wine scene has been getting hotter and hotter recently and wine clubs now surround us. There are subscriptions for receiving a select case of wines each month, made from a variety of wine styles and there is also 100 ways to just buy wine online. Today however, we checked out a company that has zeroed in on one wine style.

Artisan Malbec is a wine subscription service and shop specialising in only Malbec wine. For those who don’t know, Malbec is a wine style originating from France however getting deep roots in Argentina. A glass of Malbec is generally full-bodied, medium tannin, has hints of chocolate, coffee, leather and black pepper. Malbec is very fruit forward, plush in texture, appears very deep purple-red and will pair really nicely with grilled meats and spicy dishes too.

Artisan Malbec offers this single style of wine but with over 50 labels, every quarter, you can choose to receive three or six bottles at different levels. Each quarter they are hand picked and sent to your door. We sampled a three pack and found a new level of respect for the pride of Argentina. These reds are stunning and not found in your local liquor store. We may not be keen to commit to a subscription but knowing we can just buy bottles through the store we have a couple we’re keen to try again… and again.

If you or a friend are Malbec lovers then this is specifically suited to you. It is a very niche market and I’m impressed that Malbec was chosen as a focus in Australia rather than the likely more popular Shiraz. What we’d like to see though, is Shiraz lovers trying a bottle of Malbec from Artisan Malbec, they may just convert!