There are always exciting announcements from the E3 gaming conference, but for us here at EFTM, we’re pretty pumped to see some actual gameplay footage from the 2013 release of Sim City.

We’ve posted the full trailer below, and it’s well worth just over a minute of your life.

There are some fantastic improvements in the game shown, even if they are just split second shots here and there. The floor by floor construction of skyscrapers for one, and the “almost” curved roads giving much more freedom of planning as well as some stunning advances in general graphics and realism.

Call of Duty and other big names might get the headlines year on year for their blockbuster releases, but Sim City 2013 is the sleeper release for 2013, likely to be well anticipated among the long time fans of the Sim City franchise, as well as the recent lovers of spin off series’ like The Sims who will be drawn back to the original with this new release.

Someone get me the Delorian and take me to 2013 please!