If you’re suddenly wondering how to watch Fox Sports and perhaps more importantly who do do it cheap – we’ve got you covered.

Fox Sports is quite aside from any marketing slogan – Australia’s home of sport. They’ve got NRL, AFL, A-League, Supercars, F1 you name it (except perhaps the English Premier League). As of today, they’re the home of Cricket too.

In a joint rights deal with the Seven Network, Fox Sports has ended the Nine Network’s 40 year reign as the kings of cricket.

This, along with Ten’s abandoning of motorsport across the year has left many wondering – how can I get Fox Sports?

Problem for Foxtel is they’ve always had a compelling sports offer. 25% of homes have Foxtel and there’s no doubt the vast majority have Fox Sports. But the other 75% just don’t see the value proposition or can’t afford it.

So how do you get Foxtel without the hefty cost.

First and foremost, you’re up for $39 a month – that’s the least you can get it for. If that’s too much, it’s going to be a big ask.

That said, Foxtel CEO Patrick Delaney did say today that these rights were more than just about Foxtel, they were about Streaming, so expect some potential per game, or pay per view, or even per-sport streaming opportunity to come up in the future.

For those that lust after a few sports, perhaps some AFL and Cricket, or some F1 and Cricket, Fox Sports via the Foxtel Now platform is the ultimate subscription.

Cut back on your coffees, stop smoking, save money however you can to justify that $39 a month and you’ll thank me!

Sign up to Foxtel Now – the Foxtel Streaming service. Foxtel Now requires a base subscription of $10 a month which gets you one of the doco or basic packages of channels.

Then on top of that, you add sport – $29.

Here’s the thing though, you can install Foxtel Now on five devices. Two of them can be streaming at any one time.

So you, and your wife can be watching different things, or you and a mate. Switch between iPad, Phone, Computer, even the little Foxtel Now box with ease.

AND, the cream on top is you can then watch it on any of your big-screen TVs too. Grab a Chromecast dongle, set it up on your TV and simply “cast” from the device to your TV. We’ve got a Chromecast on four TVs at our home!

$55 up front for Chromecast, and $39 a month for Fox Sports – keep it or lose it month to month with no contracts, there’s no reason not to get all the sport you want any more!