You’re about to run out the door to go shopping. But you have no cash! Disaster! Not if you’re NBA star DeShawn Stevenson, who has his own ATM machine installed in his kitchen.

The NBA star shared a pic of himself on Instagram wearing a bowling hat and a bow tie, but the outfit did little to hide the fact he has was standing next to his own ATM machine.

Naturally, Twitter exploded, and Stevenson was honestly surprised by the attention his cash dispenser received. After all, he’s had it installed for two years already. Rather than retrieving emergency cash for grocery runs though, the baller uses it while playing poker with buddies and he’s not having an overly successful night.

Also interesting is the fact that it costs him $4.50 per withdrawal. Those bank fees are preposterous!

Still, if you ever make it as an athlete, this is the kind of thing you’ll want to think about when designing your man cave…

Web: Webstagram
Via: Fox Sports