For those among us who have babies or for anyone who is a carer for someone who also relies on a nappy, this little gadget might interest you. It’s a small device that sits inside the nappy and helps you monitor whether it needs changing.

Yep, from your smartphone you would be able to receive a notification whenever urine is detected in the nappy. The traditional way to do this is to manually… look… feel. However if your baby is asleep then this could wake them (heaven forbid) or just waste your time. If it’s an older person wearing one then it’s a dignity impact and monitoring it remotely is a better way to treat your loved one than the manual process.

Called the Diaper+ this little gadget is hoping for a dream run on Indiegogo to fund the rollout of this product to the masses. Available in three colours, one obviously being yellow, the Diaper+ supports Android or iOS and also lasts 4 months before needing a battery replacement. Using very low energy bluetooth to transmit data, the Diaper+ will run 24 hours a day checking moisture and temperature without needing a charge for four whole months, so for your baby that might only work out to a couple of battery changes before they’re old enough to figure it out themselves.

If you’re tired of checking on your baby or elderly loved one then this little thing might just do the job. Available here from $39 USD plus shipping.