Doug Pitt, the brother of Brad, has become a super star himself after his ad for Virgin Mobile started to go viral. YouTube has clocked up more than a million views thanks to Pitt Junior’s efforts to flog mobile telephony for Richard Branson and friends.

We have to tip our hat to Doug. Having never done anything like this before, he’s a natural on screen. The guy looks super sincere when it comes to showing the audience his ‘man room’, trying to start his lawn mower on the first attempt and failing, and rocking out on the guitar when the kids aren’t home. Hell, he even has the people mover that most fathers wish was a sports car.

For being a real man, we give Doug Pitt five stars. To make his reputation even shinier, he revealed to the Today show on the Nine Network that he does philanthropy work like his big brother despite not being in anywhere near the financial position. And don’t get us started on his amazing printer/copier/scanner.

Doug Pitt is real man material. We could all learn a lesson from him, if not buy a Virgin Mobile phone. EFTM uses other carriers, but what are you going to do?

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