If you’ve got a mountain bike, or own a single bit of lycra which you whack on for a weekend ride – this isn’t for you.  But for me a bike is something my kids have and hasn’t been something I’ve thought about riding for many years.  The NIXEYCLES FactorySIX has restored that childhood love of jumping on the bike to ride around to the shops and it can do the same for you.

NIXEYCLES make two types of bikes, a classic and a modern frame – the FactorySIX is the modern frame and in Firey Orange as delivered to EFTM it really stands out.

I love the look of the deep-dish rims, and the orange is awesome too.


Out of the box, assembly was a breeze and then it was time to throw on a helmet and give it a go.

One reason you’ll be thrown back to your childhood is that this is like riding an oversized BMX.  No gears, so it’s a hard slog up any hills.

In fact, the rear wheel can be flipped around (NIXEYCLES call it the “flip flip hub”) to allow you to choose between single speed (which allows you to hold your feet still or spin backwards with no effect), or fixed gear (which is like your old BMX and makes slowing your pedal slow the speed and a reverse pedal is essentially a rear brake).

The fit and finish are excellent, the quality of components seems great so frankly as a bike to get around the block to the shops it’s just perfect.

Forget jumping in the car and driving 5 minutes, get off your arse and ride there.  Go on.

You’re not going to ride this thing 20 mins to work up and down hills, that’s a punish.  But for anything that a single gear will get you there – at $235, bring it on.

Buy online at NIXEYCLES