Somewhere in my house there’s this cool and rather large box set of DVDs featuring all 180 episodes of Seinfeld, along with a coffee table book with legs so it folds out to be it’s own little coffee table, but enough about how much of a fan I am – this is COOL news for Seinfeld fans, there’s a new 24/7 Seinfeld Channel on 9Now!

I stumbled across this two days ago when looking for the new Anatomy of a Scam podcast (which is also there to “listen” to) – Seinfeld 24/7 – that’s amazing!

Right now, it’s just seasons 1-3, but there’s much more coming. Tomorrow (December 1) it expands to Season 4, and the remaining seasons 5-9 will be dropping on 9Now and into the 24/7 stream in the next three months.

A show about nothing, becomes a 24/7 online channel you can enjoy for free. Think about that, 30 years later, this show is still so good, it can hold its own non stop!

This channel is the 9 Network’s first brand-led dedicated streaming channel on the 9Now platform, something we’re going to see much more of I suspect given the presence of Mythbusters and Baywatch channels on Samsung TV Plus, and the best thing is, it’s free – no subscription required!

Director of 9Now and Programming said of the launch “Seinfeld is one of the most iconic television shows of all time, a fitting choice to launch 9Now’s first dedicated streaming channel.”

I love it, such a great concept! Tune in now, on 9Now, the 9Now app or on your smart TV!

if you’re like me and this is one of those shows you throw on now and then in the background or for a laugh and it’s the reason you keep your Netflix subscription – perhaps a monthly fee saving and switching to 9Now works out for the best!