The term ‘mother’s boy’ has a whole different meaning for Air India now after one of its planes was delayed when the captain refused to take off without his mother on board. This was despite the flight being completely sold out.

With a full compliment of 122 passengers on board, the Air India flight was due to fly from Pune to New Delhi. The captain had brought his mother, intending to get her a free seat on the plane, a perk that staff are allowed depending on how full the flight is. With no seats available, he then refused to take off unless his mother was on the plane.

Eventually it did take off, with the woman sitting in one of the crew seats and the plane 20 minutes late. The excuse the pilot had? His mother was sick so he didn’t want to leave her at the airport alone. Well, that’s as good an excuse as any, but here is a pretty good solution to the problem. If you know your sick mother has to fly and you want her on your flight, buy a ticket!

Air India is taking disciplinary action against the captain for his behavior.

Web: Air India
Via: Straits Times
Image: Wikimedia Commons