Computers can be useful for things other than work. Like creating useless but amazingly awesome wigglegrams which turn a bunch of standard photos into a 3D image without the need to wear any stupid glasses. And here’s how you can do it.

The chaps over at ad agency Amnesia Razorfish have put together this really handy guide to creating wigglegram images. All you really need is at least two digital cameras but the more the better and it helps if they are the same camera.

You will also have to construct a makeshift rig which won’t require more than a few scraps you likely have lying around the garage and a bit of everyday Aussie ingenuity. Follow the steps of the Amnesia Razorfish blog and you’re good to go.

Sure, it’s a bit of effort for a quick laugh but it’s totally worth it. Gives me one more reason to take more picture of the new Toyota 86 sitting in the garage.

Web: Amnesia Razorfish blog