Ferrari by Logic3 – Cavallino T250

Sure, we’d all love to own a Ferrari, but desire alone doesn’t make things happen. So when you get the chance to put down a couple of hundred dollars for something branded Ferrari, you really have to consider it.

Ferrari by Logic3 – Cavallino T150

Ferrari have licensed their brand to Logic3, who this week have launched the Ferrari by Logic3 range of headphones in Australia.

There are two very clear styles available, the Cavallino range which is the subtle luxury range, and then the Scuderia range which reflects the more in your face bold statement that a Ferrari makes on the road and on the race track.

I’ve been testing the T150 in ear and T250 over ear headphones from the Cavallino range and couldn’t be more impressed with the sound. The T250 are a small cup that sits on your ear and with the quality build and fit some might find them a squeeze on the ear. The sound though packs a good base and deep sound that does a good job of separating you from what’s happening around you. The T150 in ears were a snug fit for me without even changing the tip, and also offered good noise blocking and a great sound.

The Cavallino range reflects the interior of the car with smooth lines and leather trim, while the Scuderia range with its bold colours will give you a sense of the thrill you might get when people stare at you when driving a Ferrari.

Ferrari by Logic3 – Scuderia P200

Personally, I’d take the Scuderia P200’s because they look just like what the Formula One team crew wear out of the pit wall.

There is a decent range available, priced from $169 up to $399, and for $399 you sure get a quality product, packaging and carry kit to suit.

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