Man Cave Essentials: For the sporty man

Your body is a temple. And your temple has some high upkeep costs. Of course, if you really want to keep yourself in the best possible shape, these products here will help your man cave become your de facto gym as well.

Fitbit Ultra

You know even the laziest men – like us here at EFTM – have to do some exercise, even if it’s just stumbling down to the letterbox each day. The Fitbit Ultra uses very precise sensors to track every step you take, including stairs and distance, and encourages you to move even more. It also tracks your sleep, so you know how fresh you are every day. Remember – accountability is key to a successful fitness regime.

Price: $119
Web: Lasoo

Nike+ Sportswatch GPS and dongle

Running with the devil has never been so stylish. This sportswatch not only tells the time (revolutionary!), it also partners with a Nike+ foot sensor to track your running performance both on the road and on the treadmill. The watch will then vibrate at key moments and offer words of encouragement as you pound the pavement. And if you slack off for a few days, the watch will gently nudge you to get off your backside and start running. What more could you want?

Price: $119
Web: Lasoo

Fitness multi-purpose bench press

Schwarzenneger reckons that pumping iron can be as good as sex. The only way to find out if he’s right is to practice plenty of both and compare for yourself. On the weightlifting side of things, this bench press offers plenty of versatility for both upper body and lower body lifting regime. For the sex side of things… well, you’re on your own there, buddy.

Price: $259
Web: Lasoo

Belkin iPhone 4S Easefit Armband

Running with your smartphone isn’t quite as effortless as jogging with an iPod. But with iPod sales plummeting faster than a skydiving monkey, you need something to play your music while running. That’s where the Easefit Armband from Belkin comes in, giving easy access to controls while securely keeping your somewhat fragile iDevice attached to your arm.

Price: $19
Web: Lasoo

Plano 797 FTO Extreme Tackle Box

To catch the biggest fish, you need the biggest tackle box. It’s just science. And while this Plano tackle box may not be the biggest unit you’ll ever find, it will hold pretty much every hook, line and sinker you’ll ever need. With three large tackle trays and two smaller ones, plus an expandable rear pocket and non-skid rubber feet, this thing is perfect for all grades of fishermen.

Price: $229
Web: Lasoo

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