Red Bull Special Editions

Red Bull has built a global empire around extreme sport, competition, cartoon advertising and of course the original product itself. With new products coming to its range in Australia next month, EFTM just had to have a sample look and taste.

Red Bull Special Editions

Three new look cans will be in your local convenience store or cafe fridge starting next month: Silver, Red and Blue. The Blue Edition has a blueberry taste, Red Edition tastes like cranberry while the Silver is the most subtle of the three with a Lime flavour.

Being one who didn’t like the original Red Bull (despite being a lover of the ‘brand’ that is Red Bull), I was happy to try the new flavours, but very sceptical.

Blueberry surprised me with a nice taste and no harsh smell. Cranberry is just like cranberry, so if like me you find the flavour of cranberries revolting, you’ll struggle with that Red Bull flavour. But Lime tasted like a strong Lemon/Lime soft drink.

None of that will surprise you, and if you’re worried about not getting your heart racing with a “hit” of Red Bull, the company has gone to great efforts to confirm “the same effect as Red Bull, which vitalizes body and mind”.

Expect to see these new look cans and flavours in September here in Australia. Although now we’re wondering when Red Bull Cola will make its way to our shores?

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