Two Israeli film students have created a short-film of around seven minutes documenting what they think the future of AR will look like. And we think they could be bang on the money in this scarily real and almost funny look at the future of a booming technology.

While the actors may look a little like cyborgs, the possibilities for this type of technology are almost infinite in scope.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term augmented reality, it’s essentially the act of augmenting the world with real-time data. Presently, it’s most commonly found on smartphones and used to find points of interest or as a different way of playing games.

In the future though, the technology is set to make its way out of the phone into something more seamless, like Google’s Project Glass video goggles. From there, it’s only a short shift away to this film’s imagined scenario of implanted AR vision. Whether reality ends up quite as twisted as portrayed here isn’t something we’re hoping for…