Getting the most out of your carry-on luggage is tough. You either need to spend hours squeezing everything in, or give up and check it in. Unless you own one of the new Baseline suitcases from Briggs & Riley.

The new Baseline suitcases use something dubbed CX compression technology. Essentially, arms on the side of the suitcase click up, giving an extra 33 per cent of packing space. Then, once you’ve zipped up, you can press down firmly on the case and it will compress everything inside to regather its original dimensions.

But perhaps its easier to just watch the video:

The compression technology is available in a range of new suitcases, with prices starting at $US399. Some models also include a tri-fold garment holder, with space for two suits to be stored in your suitcase. Seriously, watch the video and be amazed at the ingenious design…

Price: From $399
Web: Briggs & Riley