There’s a lot of very breakable glass on your smartphone. And while you might think that sticking a sheet of sticky plastic over the top will protect it, chances are you’ll stuff it up and end up with bubbles everywhere. The iVisor might just be the perfect alternative.

Most screen protectors are one big clear sticker, requiring a level of concentration and effort to get them on nicely, and in some cases there is preparation work and waiting time after it has been applied. The iVisor offers a different approach. The part of the iVisor that covers the touch screen does not actually stick to the screen. Instead it is the parts of the iVisor that overlap the outer edges of your phone or iPad that it adheres to.

This concept means no bubbles on the screen. Ever.

Even better, it is removable, so if you place it down on an angle, just pull it up, and re-apply.

It’s also washable, including the sticky part around the edge. You just take it off, wash it, let it dry then put it right back on.

There are a few different versions, the “AG” is an anti-glare cover for your screen, while the XT is a crystal clear cover suited to your retina iPhone display.

The iVisor is not just for your iPhone, also for iPod Touch, iPad, Macbook Pro and Air. Priced from $29.99 up to $59.99 for the Macbook versions, it’s a good price considering the washable and removable nature of the product.

Samsung Galaxy S III users are aso in luck with a new version available now for the Android smartphone.

I’ve been using the iVisor on my iPhone for a month, and it’s a winner. The only things I’ll point out are that with the added layer the home button does feel slightly more recessed, and when the screen is off you can see where the plastic iVisor is sitting on your screen, although this is not visible when the device is on, and performance of the touchscreen is as good as any other screen protector I’ve used. Interestingly, the iVisor for iPhone leaves a cut out hole for the proximity sensor ensuring it performs as expected when you put the phone to your ear.

Available this month from Dick Smith, Next Byte and Mac 1, although some retailers might not carry every item in the range, so just ask.

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