No, this is not me…

The biannual trip to the dentist is about as enticing as a robotic kick to the groin for most men. Drugs do little to dilute the discomfort of having a drill bore into your teeth and gums, while the constant reminder that you’re not flossing enough is enough for many men to avoid the tooth doctor regularly.

But Philips wanted to change that last part by making the whole flossing regime a bit more appealing to the average dentist-fearing person. The Airfloss is a toothbrush-sized device hat squirts out a jet of air and water at about 75kph into the gaps between your teeth, clearing away food and plaque and keeping your dental hygienist happy.

But how well does it work? Well, I’ve been using the device since its launch back in May. Everyday I squirt the crap between my teeth to try and keep them clean, protecting me from the dreaded periodontal disease that would see my teeth fall out like I’d been playing with too much uranium.

Using the Airfloss is incredibly easy. The tiny hole that squirts out the air and water concoction is just the right size for fitting into the gaps between your teeth. Even if your teeth are a bit close together, you can still feel it squirt through the gaps. Occasionally you might feel need to press the button a couple of times to feel like the job has been done properly, but even so, it feels effective. Especially when a massive chunk of half chewed meat comes flying out.

While its not exactly a common scenario, it’s also worth noting that the Airfloss has been a lifesaver for me for the past couple of months. In June I had my wisdom teeth removed, and after the initial swelling and pain died down, I found that food would regularly get stuck behind my bottom molars where my wisdom teeth used to be.

No amount of rinsing or flossing would get the food out of the pockets created by my wisdom teeth’s removal. The only tool up to the job was the Airfloss. Sure, squirting a jet of water into newly healed gums hasn’t been my favorite experience in the world, but given the alternative of the rancid feeling of food festering in your mouth, the Airfloss has been brilliant.

Last week I had my second checkup of the year, and my dentist was happy. Not quite ecstatic, but happy. She told me that I need to floss twice a week in addition to the Airfloss. I don’t want to do it, but it sure as hell beats being told to floss every day.

Given the expense of the Airfloss, it probably won’t suit everyone. But if you want to do something for your teeth so you don’t. Have to fear your next trip to the dentist and hate the act of flossing, the Airfloss is a really good gadget to add to your teeth cleaning regime.