Burger chain Hungry Jacks has announced that it is adding wasabi to the menu in the all new The Barramundi – a burger which you would assume would be a nice tribute to a classic on the end of the line of most Aussie fishing poles.

Not so though – The Barramundi goes one step further by adding wasabi mayonnaise to the mix, in the process ruining any hope it had of being some kind of Australian hero burger. Regardless, Hungry Jacks believes it proves its extreme commitment to challenging the norm.

“Australian consumers have adventurous tastes which Hungry Jack’s is building into its menu. That’s why we’ve developed this product,” said national marketing director Jim Wilson. “Perhaps more so than anywhere else in the world, we have very progressive taste preferences and are generally quick to adopt changing food trends. Our product developers have a broad creative license when it comes to creating menu items that are bold and progressive.”

Is it just us or do you get slightly worried when people creating the menus at some of the places you eat food are called ‘product developers’? Whatever the case, if you feel like a bit of fish and something to clear your nose, you probably can’t go far wrong with The Barramundi. It will be available for a limited time only.