Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… especially if you are one of these ten chaps. Famous all of them, awesome most of them, traditionally stylish… none of them. Certainly in these pictures anyway. A few have saved themselves since, but the past will always come back to haunt.

Guy Sebastian

The afro. And that baby face. And did we mention that afro? The transition Sebastian has made to stylish guy is almost as impressive as the afro he once had.

Vladimir Putin

Come on Vlad, crack a smile for us! Please? Would it help if we let you ride a horse with no shirt on? Or perhaps a flying machine so you can fly west with migrating geese…

Bob Hawke

It was a great time in history when Australia could call this extreme beer drinking larrikin the Prime Minister of the country. Good, good, times.

Mark Zuckerberg

No amount of staring off into space dreamily could save Facebook’s CEO (bitch) from the pile of guys who will just never, ever, ever… EVER, be stylish.

James van der Beek

Whichever way you slice it, he was still Dawson from Dawson’s Creek, and he was still in Varsity Blues. And he still has an odd American accent. But his cameo on How I Met Your Mother  was pure gold.

Robbie Williams

Ah Robbie, at the right angle you’re funnier than the love child of Robin Williams and Rowan Atkinson. Hope the wind doesn’t change there…

Big Arnold Schwarzenegger

This guy is the bomb when it comes to being so unstylish it’s almost stylish. What a bloody champion. Do the accent again Arnie, do it again!

Conan O’Brien

Has he been sharing hair tips with Donald Trump? We’re pretty keen on finding out what sort of product he uses. That is some serious hair. Maybe the same stuff Ben Stiller uses in There’s Something about Mary?

William Shatner

This is one of the good stories. What a turn-around it was. You would almost want to be him now. Aside from those Star Trek jokes that will just never leave.


Images from Wikimedia Commons.