Clumsy Case for iPad

Haven’t you always wanted to throw your iPad across a laneway or around the house without a care in the world? The team behind the Wallee, Studio Proper, have the solution for you called the Clumsy Case.

Made from a soft rubberised foam, the Clumsy Case can seriously be thrown and dropped without damaging the iPad within. It’s a frightening thing to do the first time but your first experience will give you great peace of mind when the kids are roaming free with your iPad.

Made to fit full-sized iPads (except iPad 1), the Clumsy Case is easy to put onto your iPad because of its rubberised make-up and has easy access points for the camera, headphones and charging dock.

It comes in red, green or blue and is priced at just $39.95 and comes with free shipping. It’s a pretty good deal to protect a big investment in your home.

The genius team (or fools, if you prefer) at Studio Proper took the Clumsy Case out to prove it was pretty darn robust!

Web: Studio Proper