TomTom Nike+ SportsWatch

Today, the humble watch can know where you are how fast you’re moving and how many calories you’re burning. The TomTom Nike+ SportsWatch is a stunning example of this in one cool looking package.

Now I’m no exercise freak – in fact a walk to school with the kids is about as active as I get – but when you’re looking at the features of the TomTom Nike+ SportsWatch it doesn’t matter if you’re running a marathon or walking to the shops the features are relevant.

TomTom Nike+ SportsWatch – USB Connection

To get started you flick the wrist band end out to expose a built in USB plug. In itself, this is a fantastic piece of engineering – No more looking for the cable or having some unique charging device that goes missing in a world of chargers at home.  This watch has the USB plug built right in. Software is downloaded from the web, you join the Nike+ program and you’re ready to track and share your runs.

This watch has a fully digital display showing you the time in a bold and huge way – the hour on one line the minutes on the next.  The date is in fine print down the right hand side along with a battery level indicator.

Battery use on these style of watches is an important thing to measure and keep track of. Without GPS use (using it just as a watch) you will get a few weeks of usage. But as soon as you kick the GPS functions into action you’re going to need to charge this regularly. That said, you’re going to want to plug it into your PC anyway for synchronising your runs so that is where you will charge it.

Activating the “run” function starts the watch searching for GPS signal, Heartrate monitor (if applicable) and Shoe Pod (comes as standard in most models). Once you have GPS reception you’re off and running.

On screen during a run you can split the display to show the time and a key stat, or rotate the stats through (Calories, Distance, Speed etc).

Once you’re done you finish the run by pressing the coloured side button and your run data is now available on screen in the history section.

You’ll also get a few key stats from the run as encouragement. If you struggle to get the motivation to run – the TomTom Nike+ SportsWatch will also remind you to get out and run.

TomTom Nike+ SportsWatch and Shoe Pod

Tapping the screen activates a backlight making viewing in the dark a load easier too.

Aside from the watch itself you’re also getting access to the website which gives you GPS mapping, total distance, pace and elevation data for your runs. If you want to brag, you can share your runs on Facebook with a map showing the route you took and a it’s colour coded to show how fast (or slow) you were going.

It’s a great way to inspire yourself and others through the social sharing of your results.

This watch grabs plenty of attention wherever you go. It looks great, and performs well. For the super active or the casual jogger the TomTom Nike+ SportsWatch is a great gift idea.

All that, for just $199.