The boys in the top tier NASCAR Sprint Cup Series got down and dirty in Phoenix this morning during the Cobalt Tools 500 when Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer came together. What ensured needed some serious banjo music.

If you thought the NHL was the home of real sports fights, NASCAR is putting its hand up to be part of the action. The lead up started early on but the finale was when Clint Bowyer, trying to get some payback, smashed into the side of two-time champion Jeff Gordon. Bowyer himself was in the running for this years NASCAR championship. The yellow 20 car of Joey Logano was an innocent bystander.

After the crash Bowyer’s crew attacks Gordon and then Bowyer himself runs in for a bit of the action, all while Gordon’s crew is trying to save the hapless former champ.

To see the whole crash head directly to 3:08 in the video.