Ready to roll – the Contour +2’s form factor is perfect for helmet-mounted operation

Despite what you might see on TV there are a few contenders for the point-of-view camera market with action enthusiasts, daredevils and just everyday active people looking to record their perspective of the things they are doing.

The Contour+2 is the third in the range from Contour and when you put it side by side its main competitor, the GoPro, you really can see that Contour have stepped things up a notch.

Contour +2

Retaining the original tube style form factor, the Contour+2 may look similar but with built in GPS, Bluetooth and HDMI output you’re getting some serious bang for your buck.

The GPS allows you to record videos and share on all the major social sharing sites (YouTube/Vimeo & Facebook) with the added on-screen data recorded. So while watching you in action your friends can also see your speed, elevation and more right on the screen.

Bluetooth as standard means your smartphone automatically can become a remote control and viewfinder for the Contour+ which is great for shot selection, angle confirmation and the all important recorded action.

Contour +2 on a Mountain Bike ride

Contour is made to be part of the action and the helmet mounting bracket makes the Contour+2 easily the best form-factor for a camera. Rather than having a bulky box on top of your helmet you get a slim tube camera on the side.

Recording at 120 frames per second with four different HD modes, when you get back to edit the action you’ve got the added benefit of some super slow-mo shots to include.

Contour +2 with standard Waterproof mount

For the water lovers the Contour +2 comes with a waterproof case included which has you rated down to 60 metres.

It’s available now for an RRP of $549.99 – not cheap, but the quality will make you appreciate it when you go back and re-live the action.

EFTM is testing the Contour+2 on dive trips off the coast of Sydney, so we’ll have video soon so you can be the judge of the quality… and our camera work!