Earlier today EFTM exclusively revealed that Ruslan Kogan was set to launch his own pre-paid mobile service, Kogan Mobile, using the  Telstra network.  Despite some mis-reporting across the day, Kogan have now confirmed “Kogan Mobile” is available now starting at $29 for one month’s access.

Accessible via http://kogan.com/au/mobile the new deals require a Kogan SIM card which will be shipped by default with future mobile handset purchases from Kogan online, while people with an existing mobile can order a SIM card starter pack for $4.99 delivered to the door.

Kogan is offering the choice of Nano SIM (For iPhone 5, iPad Mini) and a standard & MicroSIM pack for $0 with a $4.99 delivery charge.

Kogan’s plans are outlined in this chart sent by Kogan PR this evening following Ruslan Kogan’s confirmation of the EFTM story on Channel 9’s “A Current Affair” program tonight.

Ruslan, in his normal fashion, is out to show the value in his offering: “It’s a disgrace that current providers have been able to get away with astronomical charges, network issues, poor customer service, frustrating excuses and deliberately misleading pricing structures designed to trip customers up,” he said.

“No one likes to pay more than they expected and no one likes to get ripped-off, so we’re putting a stop to it,” he said.

“From today, Australians can choose to say goodbye to excess usage charges and will be guaranteed to get what they pay for. No more running out of credit mid-month, no more complicated fine print tricking you into paying more – just $29 per month for unlimited standard calls and text and 6GB of data, or even cheaper if you sign up for a full year!”

Following on some questions today about the technical aspects Kogan released the following information to the media this evening:

  • Kogan Mobile is the first Australian mobile provider to use parts of Telstra’s Mobile Network for prepaid mobile services.
  • Kogan Mobile provides a 3G coverage footprint of 97% of the Australian Population covering more than 960,000 square kilometres
  • Kogan Mobile has a typical download speed of 550kbps-3Mbps and upload speed of 300kbps-1Mbps (peak network download speed of 7.2Mbps). Kogan Mobile supports these typical download speeds across the entire Kogan Mobile 3G coverage footprint, not just selected metropolitan areas
  • Kogan Mobile has extensive breadth and depth of coverage and support by a quality network
  • Kogan Mobile is underpinned by over 6,600 3G 850MHz sites
If you’re looking for 4G speeds or even those top level NextG speeds with Telstra you’ll need to stick to the big guys, however for outright price and value this is now easily one of the best value options on the market.