Ruslan Kogan

Ruslan Kogan is well known for his publicity stunts over the years, taking full advantage of a volatile retail market to kick the big guys while they are down and get exposure for his own brand of electronics online. Now, he’s about to kick it to the telcos with the launch of Kogan Mobile pre-paid mobile phone plans. The big difference between Kogan and other low cost pre-paid plans is that Kogan Mobile will use the highly respected Telstra Network.

EFTM has learned from industry sources that the launch of Kogan Mobile is imminent, and we’ve confirmed the new low cost carrier will use the Telstra network. While Red Bull Mobile and Amaysim are the biggest players currently in low cost the pre-paid market, they use the Vodafone and Optus networks respectively and access to the Telstra network has only been through the plans available from Telstra. Telstra is opening up now, with Aldi Mobile launching on Telstra 3G following Kogan’s lead.

Further proof of the company’s plans can be seen through a quick whois search of the Australian domain registry for – registered on the 20th September to Kogan Technologies Pty Ltd.

Kogan’s Online store selling mobile phones

Since Kogan started selling brand name goods – primarily through grey market imports – the online retailer has been selling thousands of mobile phones. From the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the iPhone 5, any number of brands and models are available through Kogan online. The plan will be to ship each and every mobile phone sold with a SIM starter pack for Kogan Mobile – this will give buyers a chance to quickly sign up to Kogan Mobile without having to find a local SIM stockist.

Given the company’s reluctance to enter the bricks and mortar retail market, it’s also unlikely you’ll be able to find Kogan Mobile SIM cards at petrol stations or retail outlets. Expect Kogan Mobile online to be the place to get them shipped to your door.

Showing test pricing – Access 30 will be $29

EFTM has also found in the Google Play store on Android a Kogan Mobile app. Sources tell us this app will be available to customers to control their account and check their usage at any time.

What about the money?

We’re not sure checking usage will be much of a concern though, with the plans Kogan Mobile have to offer.

Kogan Mobile will launch with a pre-paid no contract rate of $29 per month for unlimited calls and texts and 6GB of data. You read it correctly – 6GB of data and unlimited calls, on the Telstra network for $29 a month.

Pay up front for 3 months and you’ll save $8 with a price of $79 on that bundle, or if you’re happy to commit to 12 months up front you’ll pay just $299 – saving you $49 on the month to month rate.

These are quite amazing prices given the whole thing sits on the Telstra network. Telstra’s 4G network is not included in the price, so if you want 4G – stick with Telstra itself – they won’t be farming that out any time soon. However with the reach and reliability of the Telstra 3G network well known to be the best in the business, these plans are a little more than super competitive.

When contacted by EFTM, Ruslan Kogan would not directly respond to questions about the imminent launch other than to say, “I’m always looking for new ways to shake up the Australian consumer market – so watch this space.”