3D Sculpted iPhone Case with Skull design

3D Sculpted iPhone Case with Skull design

There are more iPhone cases available in the world than iPhone 5‘s to put them on, but finding one to suit your personal taste can be difficult. Sculpteo offers you the chance to design your own case using an app on your phone and have it delivered to your door.

productimage-picture-phone-free-hand-301_jpg_410x410_crop_q100What makes this different to other “design your own” case products is the fact that your new iPhone case will be sculpted using a 3D printer at Sculpteo, allowing you to not just add a cool design or photo, but to make three dimensional changes to the case like cutting out sides, cutting your name out of the back and more.

This is very cool stuff and some of the cases on show at CES demonstrated that very well. A case with edges removed to look like two faces looking at each other, or a case with a skull coming out of it.

There is something special about having a completely unique case for your iPhone instead of that case that everyone seems to have.

productimage-picture-phone-speaker-283_jpg_410x410_crop_q100When you download the “3DPCase” app for iPhone you can choose from a huge range of ready-made designs already created and then start customising for yourself. Take a photo of your face in profile or your partners face, and have that profile cut out of your new iPhone case which has a photo of your home or your favourite holiday destination.

It’s one of the first practical uses of 3D printing technology we’ve seen available to the general public.

The app itself is free for you to download and start creating customised cases in. Each case will cost you around $35 plus shipping depending on how much substance there is to the final design (ie the more you cut out the cheaper it is!).

Worth a look if you’ve got an iPhone and want a custom case.

iTunes: 3DPCase
Web: Sculpteo