Lose weight with a smart fork that tracks your eating

The HAPIfork on show at CES

The HAPIfork on show at CES

Perhaps this is one of those “what happens in Vegas” situations, but when I saw the HAPIfork at CES today I had to ask about it and share it with you. This is a fork with built in USB and Bluetooth and a complex circuit board which tracks your eating habits.



By simply chomping down on your next fork of food you’re actually closing a circuit in your new “smart fork”, which allows the fork to work out how often you are eating, how fast you are taking those servings and the overall time of your meal.

The French engineer Jaques Lepine who is behind the HAPIfork has a grand vision for giving people control of their health and fitness through applications and mobile connected devices.

Starting off with a fork is an interesting move. It’s a pretty basic looking unit. You can pull the “organs” of the HAPIfork out and allow the fork itself to be washed without damaging the valuable circuitry.

Associated with your fork will be an app on your mobile which gives you stats on your eating habits and progress as well as a coaching program to “eat smarter and healthier”.

And don’t worry, the fork thinks on the go and will vibrate in your hand if you are eating too fast. Yep, eating too fast. According to the folks making the HAPIfork the faster you eat the more you eat. The slower you eat the less food you need to eat to feel “full”. Go figure.

They also say that by slowing down your eating you can reduce digestive problems and reflux.

All that aside, is this the future? The connected home just reached the top drawer in your kitchen. We didn’t see that one coming.

Price: From $US99
Web: HAPIfork


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