The Sidekick lets your phone or tablet help you play along to music

Guitar Sidekick from Castiv

Guitar Sidekick from Castiv

The iLounge at CES is full of a huge range of iAccessories, covers, keyboards and stands. The Sidekick range from Castiv is something every musician need to see.

The Guitar Sidekick from Castiv on a Guitar

The Guitar Sidekick from Castiv on a Guitar

Every guitarist knows that everything they need to play is available on the Internet. Lyrics, guitar tabs, chords, music… it’s all there if you look, which means having your smartphone close by when you’re trying to strum out some music on your guitar is essential.

But the guitar is a two-handed instrument, so you can’t also hold the phone. Putting the phone down on a table makes it hard to read. Enter the Guitar Sidekick, a simple smartphone support for your guitar. It clips on the upper part of the neck below the strings and the phone itself when docked can be twisted around to suit your viewing angle.

Guitar Sidekick

Guitar Sidekick

It’s perfect for any guitarist playing music off the web.  At just $US24.99 it’s also a great deal. We don’t have details of any Australian stockists, but you can order online for an additional $US20 shipping.

Price: $US24.99 (plus shipping)
Web: Castiv

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