CES is full of amazing innovations and big screen TVs, but there are also tens of thousands of quirky and fun gadgets and accessories. Like the iPotty for iPad, which turns the humble potty – or toilet for toddlers – into a high tech toilet trainer using an iPad.

iPotty for iPad

iPotty for iPad

We’re pretty sure the people behind CES never thought a potty would ever be on show here at the world’s biggest technology exhibition, yet a company called CTA Digital has done just that.

The iPotty for iPad is a regular toilet trainer, with a removable inner bowl, potty seat, splashguard and seat cover. As every parent knows, that’s pretty much the crux of every decent potty on the market.

The iPotty adds to that with a 360 degree rotating stand which locks into three different positions – and can be removed completely – which holds the iPad in place (it works with the iPad 2/3/4 generations).

Yep, while your child sits and learns to “go” they can be playing the iPad…

I really don’t have anything else to say other than “wow”.

Or should that be “wow?”