Deep in the Arlo Ecosystem I was very excited about the new Video doorbell earlier this year, but without wiring at my front door it became just too complex to install. However, fast-forward to today, and I’ve got all the joy just running on battery with the new Arlo Essential Wire-Free video Doorbell.

I’ve had a lot of doorbells, Ring to kick it off, different versions of that, and most recently the Arlo Voice Doorbell. Because we had a camera at the front door area, the Voice Doorbell was fine as it initiated a VOIP like phone call, answer it like a phone call, but with the press of a button on the call, we could view the camera.

It was always a bit strange because the camera was off to the side so the person there never knew I was watching, and also, unless you’ve got an Arlo camera you can’t do that.

So, for those with no home security whatsoever, or for those with the full beans set of cameras the big question is which Video Doorbell is best?

Now if you just look at the basic market the $300 price point is the mid range with plenty of products to choose from.

This new Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video doorbell though – man, it packs a punch.

So simple to install. If you have an Arlo system it’s a simple addition to the app. If not, sign up and go with a breeze.

Two screws in the wall, clip on the device and you’re running.

I recommend you fully charge the battery before jumping into installation, or like me, two days later you’ll be taking it down to charge it.

Now that’s probably one of only two things I can point out about this device that you should be aware of, or that I’d tweak.

The first being you need to charge that battery. I can’t say how often yet because it’s only been in just under a week. But, with how easy it is to snap out, and remove the battery, I frankly don’t mind if it’s monthly.

Battery is charged via MicroUSB connection and I found that best to do on a weekend when you’re home – thus no need for the doorbell.

The second thing I’d look at enhancing for Version 2 is the field of view.

This is a strange observation, given the square output already gives you a top to toe view of anyone standing at the door.

However, unless you install it at groin height which would be weird, you get an immense amount of “headroom”. The space directly under the camera is affected by a blind spot from the wall about one foot out.

Not a deal breaker, but It’s important to talk to the person about where to leave the parcel so you can see it. On version 2, I’d simply angle the wide field of view lens down a touch.

Most impressive is the speed of connectivity. One touch of the doorbell and your phone rings, you answer it and you’re chatting with the person.

There are – like on the Arlo Voice Doorbell – some set standard responses like “Please leave the parcel” you can trigger from within the call using the app.

I think it’s a stylish looking device, not at all too bulky or ugly, either my wife hasn’t noticed it or she is fine with it – and she’s a tough marker.

You’ll find the Arlo Wire-Free Video Doorbell for around $329 online and in major retail stores now.