Ok, I don’t want to say I’m an expert, but I’ve had a robot lawn mower longer than you have. And it’s been the best thing I’ve installed at my house.

Now up front, I don’t think it’s feasible to review physically every single mower, so what I want to do here is put your mind at ease as to if you should get one at all, and then compare on specs and user reviews what we know about the four big brands in this space.

I come to this with over 300km of Lawn Mowing Robot experience.

How hard is it to install a Robot Lawn Mower?

This is the bit that always put me off trying one – I mean, do I have to dig a trench around my lawn to insert a wire?

No, you run the wire around your fenceline/grass edge, and you PEG it into the lawn.

For the first month or so, the wire is visible, but after that, your grass kinda consumes it, grows around it over it and job is done.

I put far more pegs in than was recommended, but that’s because my lawn is a thick deep lawn, decades of thatching etc – so its squishy in places, and needed the extra support.

Will a robot lawn mower cut long grass?

A robot mower isn’t meant to cut long grass. Your Robot cuts continuously, probably daily.

Now, if your grass is a foot long when you install your Robot, dude – Mow the lawns. That ain’t going to work. But if it’s just a few cm, no problems at all.

Remember though, it’s “trimming” constantly, so the clippings from that first cut are going to lay around. Best to start from a low base I suggest.

How well does a robot lawn mower cut?

It’s a constant trim. And what I’ve found remarkable is that increases the health of the lawn.

I don’t get the clover and weeds growing through any more as I did, and the grass looks greener, literally. Now it’s been a good year weather wise, so that plays a role too – but basically, I have a much healthier and better looking lawn, because it’s always done, and I don’t get lazy and skip a mow

How much work do I need to do around the yard if I’ve got a Robot Lawn mower?

Edging. My edges look strange. Long grass on a sheer line to the rest of the lawn.

Your Robot will get close to the edge, but not right up against it.

Where you have a path or otherwise (that’s level with the cut height) you can have the robot go over the path so it’s doing a great edge, but a whipper snipper now and then in no time gives you that finished look.

Which Robot Lawn Mower is best?

Much of a muchness is really the word here.

Firstly, on price, the Husky really does push the boundary. And at the same time, the Moebot makes you think “will this last?”.

  • Moebot – $950
  • Husqvarna – $1,699
  • Gardena – $1,299
  • Landroid – $1,599

But it’s about the detail.

For me, the App on the Landroid is fantastic. Clear details, easy access, and smarts. Using AR to measure my lawn, and it really does set an auto schedule as its needed.

The Landroid from Worx also does a good job in narrow areas too, so consider that.

Landroid over Moebot also wins on cut edge space, because the blades are much closer to the edge of the device.

The Gardena Sileno looks great, cuts well, but there’s no app or WiFi control? That’s madness.

And the Husqvarna doesn’t have a rain sensor, so it will go out trying to mow in the rain, which we all know is madness. Worx Landroid has that.

I do of course say this because it’s the one I have, but on overall specs, the Landroid ticks more boxes and offers a value proposition over the others I think.

The app on the Worx Landroid allowing me to open it up and say “Party Mode” meaning “i don’t want you to go out” because we’ve got people around, or as was the case yesterday we’ve got kids toys everywhere drying after a clean out. Is a real winner.