In what could easily be seen as a move against industry trends, Vodafone have announced they are doubling the size of its Tasmanian operations in what it calls a response to customers calls for local service.

Vodafone CEO, Bill Morrow

Vodafone CEO, Bill Morrow

It’s hard to question the frustration many people experience when dialling local companies with overseas call centres, so perhaps as just one of many attempts to win over customer satisfaction Vodafone’s bold move will likely result in a better customer service rating over time.

An expansion like this is nothing to be understated either, with an operation that size the contribution to the local economy is in the tens of millions of dollars through payroll contributions so it’s unsurprising that this expansion comes with the support (and concessions) of the State and Federal Governments.

Tasmania has Australia’s highest unemployment rate, so Vodafone’s decision to add 750 jobs to the existing 700 or so will be a big boost for the locals.

All this comes as Vodafone plans a pretty important 2013.  It’s basically a complete re-launch of the company.  New customer focus, new marketing, and the all important 4G network launch which we await with great anticipation.  Perhaps it’s not such a bad time to be a Vodafone customer after all!