Hisense 85 Inch ULED screams Go Big or Go Home if ever you’ve seen it.

This is getting ridiculous, but we love it.

You can now get an 85 Inch TV from a top name brand for less than $4,000!

With an RRP of $4,299 the Hisense Series 7 85 Inch ULED has just hit Australia and its in-store price is $3,995. You’ll pay more than that for a smaller Samsung showing just how aggressive Hisense are able to be in the premium TV space.

This is a 4K TV, it’s enormous, and your mates will DEFINITELY notice this one.

Andre Ianuzzi at Hisense says “Australians are increasingly looking for televisions that not only provide them with a grand experience but are backed by powerful, innovative technologies, which work together to deliver striking contrast and seamless viewing.”

“The new 85-inch Series 7 delivers on this and is jam-packed with benefits that consumers can enjoy, from its endless selection of entertainment, including apps and streaming services, to its easy-to-use interface and voice control capabilities.”

“Bolstering our existing ULED range, this new model offers a stylish aesthetic with black framing, making it an excellent big screen option that will complement contemporary Australian living rooms.”

The Series 7 has Dolby Vision, HDR, Dolby Atmos and a wide colour gamut with a 200Hz “smooth motion” refresh rate for great sports viewing.

And it looks the part too with a stylish stand to keep it up, though if you’re wall-mounting be sure to upgrade the wall-mount itself folks, these things aren’t light.

We’ve found it for under $4,000 at The Good Guys, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi.

Hisense 85 Inch ULED screams Go Big or Go Home if ever you’ve seen it.
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